I have been considering staring my own blog for some time now, and after posting occasionally on a blog at work, decided that it was time to get going!

My name is Renza and I have type 1 diabetes.  It’s not a confession – it’s a fact. My life is not all about diabetes, but it certainly is part of me and has changed who I am. I guess the aim of this blog is to try an make sense of a life that is lived along side an unwelcome guest that never leaves. That’s how diabetes feels at times. 

So, I’m just going to write and try not to be self-conscious as I share the reality of my life with diabetes – and hopefully other things as well.

DISCLAIMER – I work for a diabetes organisation.  My thoughts on this blog are not in any way aligned with this organisation and this blog is not sponsored by the organsation.  At times, I may link to their website, because there are some fantastic things going on there that may be of interest to people living with type 1.