I have only been blogging at Diabetes Australia – Vic. It’s where I work and our blog is just getting started really, so most of what I have been writing has wound up there.

So (again) I am pulling together all of my recent posts here. And I really am going to try to actually blog at diabetogenic. At least, that’s what I keep promising myself! Anyway – here’s what you’re missing if you don’t read the DA-Vic blog.

Somewhat strangely, diabetes writes me a letter here at A message from diabetes.

As I was getting ready to present at the annual scientific conference for the Australian Diabetes Educators Association and the Australian Diabetes Society, I started thinking about role of people with diabetes at these conferences. Right now, it’s pretty much zip. In Just ask us I question why we’re not consulted.

Kicking diabetes’ arse so thought’s I’d look at the good things in What’s not to like?

Actually, the truth of the matter was that I wrote ‘What’s not to like’ in response to this post. The changing face of diabetes is my telling of the scary ‘white out’ hypos I’ve been having lately. Which in turn have made me start to fear the turn my diabetes is starting to take.

So – what happens when I find my first grey hair and my ophthalmologist calls me old? I realise that Sometimes it’s not diabetes. And I feel old!

I can now proudly say that I actually did walk in the five kilometre part of this year’s Run Melbourne. But before the fact I was freaking out. It’s all here in Walking the walk.

Who knew there was such a thing as ‘hug a person with diabetes day’? Not me until Facebook told me. So, I discussed diabetes advocacy in Go on; give me a hug!

And yay – I managed to find a Harry Potter angle in Harry Potter and the great unknown, where I wonder about my diabetes future.

Also – during National Diabetes Week – all the way back in July – I guest blogged at Open Forum. Here I talked about All I want for National Diabetes Week which really was just for the media to differentiate between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Not asking much, really!

That’s all for now.