I’m lousy at stopping and I’m lousy at saying no. So when the world gets on top of me the first thing to go is diabetes. Well, something has to, and I certainly can’t stop looking after my beautiful little girl, can’t stop being around my husband, can’t stop coming to work, can’t stop seeing people. They would all ask questions and want to know what’s wrong. But diabetes doesn’t ask. At least, not out loud. Not in words.

So, I bury my head in the sand and pretend it’s not there and suddenly I am not checking my BGL as frequently; not making smart diabetes decisions; not thinking about diabetes.

Just not.

I’m not good at prioritising diabetes. Never have been and fear I never will be.

I need to improve at prioritising diabetes. I need to remember the fact that there is a flow-on effect when it comes to diabetes, and a missed BGL check here could mean a hypo in 30 minutes which will take time to treat. Or a skipped insulin dose after a meal will inevitably result in the brain-freeze that is high blood glucose that means a lack of concentration, general confusion and a wasted morning, or afternoon, or night’s sleep.

I need to improve at prioritising diabetes and the thing I love about the DOC is that you guys remind me to THINK about diabetes and to ‘do’ diabetes. I love being around others with diabetes because someone else checking their BGL will inevitably set off a chain reaction where others do it, too.

I need to improve at prioritising diabetes so that I will be here for a long time, to watch my daughter grow up; to grow old with my husband; to do all the things that we want to do together and that I want to achieve myself.

I need to improve at prioritising diabetes.  I need to be better at it. I must improve.


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