In Fantasy Diabetes (Is)land (you should visit – it’s awesome!), there are wonderful, wonderful things. There are cupcakes stores giving away their baked goods on every corner, little gatherings of the DOC in cafes and everyone’s BGL is 5.5mmol/l ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

OK – there’s no such place. But today, we’re talking about fantasy diabetes devices. Here’s what I want in my diabetes life: I want simplicity and I want streamlining. I want devices to communicate to each other. And above all, I want devices I can trust – accuracy is critical.

My dream device would be a fully integrated pump and CGM that automatically transmits all my data to an App on my smartphone. The CGM wouldn’t need calibrating at all (thus removing any need to jab my fingers with a blunt lancet EVER AGAIN). And at the end of each day, the data would be sent to me in an easy to interpret graph, and the clever boffins living in the App would point out patterns (using previous days’ data) and make suggestions about dose changes.  And tell me what a good job I’m doing, because it knows that back patting is important!

The App would also be able to accurately tell me the carb content of any cupcake (or other food – there is other food. Apparently.) by simply pointing my phone at the plate. And then relay this information to my pump, which would then bolus accordingly.

And finally, this magic App would send me a message to remind when it was time for the weekly DSMA tweet chat. Helpful!

Of course, this would be available to all and would be free, so there wouldn’t be the inequality in health care that makes me angry and sad.

Righty-o. Who do I need to speak with about getting this produced? And now?

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