I was trying to think of something to write about and was getting a big, blank nothing. Not. A. Thing.

So, I do what all clever writers do when we get the good ol’ block. I turned to Twitter. Currently trending is the following hashtag: #100thingsaboutme

Now, I’m not committed enough to write 100 things about me. Hell, I don’t even think there are 100 things about me that I’d want to share!  But here are a few things:

  • I have watched the West Wing series about 5 times. I love it. It’s my favourite drama of all time. The acting, the humour, the rapid-fire dialogue. Love. It.
  • Collecting collective nouns is one of my favourite nerd behaviours (of which I have many). Some of my favourites includean exaltation of larks, a rhumba of rattlesnakes and a prickle of porcupines. But the most beautiful and my overall favourite – a blessing of unicorns (very apt for the DOC).
  • I am terrified of birds. Seriously. This has arisen from more incidents than I care to share where birds have flown directly at me, terrifying me, drawing blood and making me scream like a baby. In public. They are evil, evil creatures and I believe that there is a conspiracy in the avian world to hurt me. And hurt me good.
  • Despite the last sentence, I am a total and complete word-nerd. Today, I’ve used the words cacophony, whimsical, serendipitous and exaltation in casual conversation. And I swoon when people like Stephen Fry speak because the way they use words is beautiful, clever, structured and sexy.
  • Coffee. I love it.
  • On my iPod right now – Keith Jarrett, the Koln Concert.
  • I’m reading Finn Family Moomintroll to my daughter, which makes me feel warm and safe. I remember the first time my mum read it to me.
  • Ideal Saturday night in – good book, good wine, good food. I’m old and boring in real life.
  • I want to move to New York City for a couple of years.
  • I believe that most people are good and honest. I need to believe that to feel that the world will be OK.
  • When I was in year 12, I missed most of my religion classes because I was either sitting in the laundrette near school pretending I was a Beat poet or at a nearby park playing on the swings with my best friend.
  • I’m starting to feel old. I’m 38 and as I get older I feel less and less connected with younger people. I have no idea what 20 year olds like or want anymore. I don’t think they understand me either.
  • Family is more important to me each and every day. And that family includes my wonderful close friends as well as my real family.
  • My sister is one of the smartest, funniest, most beautiful people I’ve ever known. I hope she knows that I feel that way, but I don’t think she does.
  • I have diabetes. It’s not the most important thing about me. It’s only one of the #100thingsaboutme you should know.

What do you want people to know about you? And where does diabetes feature in that list? Does it feature at all?