I presented at an event on Saturday for Diabetes Australia – Vic. The topic was Access All Areas and I talked about making sure that people knew about (and knew how to access) health professionals, the healthcare system, online information and peer support. I ended with a brief discussion about language and ‘owning’ our diabetes.

I am not a fan of PowerPoint. I think it takes away from the presentation and discussion, and directs all focus onto a screen, rather than allowing people to interact with the group. But I’ve learnt that audiences expect something – anything – on a screen, and think I’ve been lazy if I don’t have slides for them.

So, I did what I usually do – I found pictures, used few words and showed a couple of short videos. And I asked the audience a lot of questions!  (Hey – it was Saturday morning and I’d had barely enough coffee to wake up. There was no way I could do all the work myself.)

As I was putting together my brief PowerPoint, I searched for some ‘Keep Calm’ posters that had something to do with diabetes. Who knew there were so many!  So, here are some of my absolute favourites (click on the poster to be taken to where they were found).

A good one to start!


This one? I want it on a t-shirt!


Being a huge pump advocate, I love this one!

From the very clever Karen Graffeo at Bitter~Sweet Diabetes. (And I need this engraved on my pump as a reminder!)

Yes, you can. And so can I.

A love a good play one words. Thanks to Mike Durbin from My Diabetic Heart who created this one.

Wear blue on Fridays has become a great habit! This one Sue over at RFamHere’s Ramblings,

Just. Do. It


And finally, and perhaps my favourite…..

Happy place…..

You can make your own ‘Keep Calm’ poster by clicking here.