Today is Diabetes Art Day. You can read about Leanne Thill‘s brilliant initiative here, but generally, it’s a day to be creative and do something artistic. All in the name of diabetes awareness. I love people who think outside the square and try to get diabetes front and centre by doing something different and a little ‘out there’.

So, I decided to celebrate Diabetes Art Day by looking at some incredible art. I’m in Rome at the moment with my husband for a week’s holiday before heading to Berlin for the European Association for the Study if Diabetes conference. I couldn’t think of a better way to mark the day than to visit the Sistine Chapel.

This was my first visit and I don’t think I was prepared for the sensory overload as we meandered through the Vatican and made our way into the Sistine Chapel. We walked in, surrounded by dozens and dozens of other people. And then, as if all overcome by a sudden force, everyone raised their heads to the celling. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

No photos are allowed in the Sistine Chapel, but here is the most famous fresco there.

Looking at such beauty on a day dedicated to raising diabetes awareness has given me tingles. I may have trouble drawing a stick-figure, but I’ve still celebrated this day, and once again feel part of the diabetes community that I know will be coming together to recognise the day in their own way.

And thank you, diabetes, for a lovely low whilst in one of the Vatican galleries. Diabetes has a way of making sure you remember it’s there. Every day.