With the craziness that was World Diabetes Day and its associated activities over, this morning I’m chilling out in the relative calmness of the RACV Club, Melbourne. It’s the Kellion Medal presentation and I’m about to meet people who have lived with diabetes for fifty or more years. I wrote about last year’s Kellion celebrations and thought I’d revisit the post today.

Today is my favourite day of the work year. It’s the Kellion Victory Medal award celebrations where we acknowledge people who have lived with diabetes for 50, 60 and even 70 years. Just stop for a minute and think about that. Seventy years with type 1 diabetes. Now think about what diabetes was like back in 1940: urine was boiled, needles were sharpened. Home blood glucose testing was still about forty years away, modern insulins hadn’t been considered. Insulin pumps, of course, were things of the future. read more….