It’s Saturday and it’s freezing in Melbourne. The temperature is meant to be sitting around 13 degrees celsius, but the windchill makes it seem more like 8 – which in my mind means it’s 8 freaking degrees! We went to a local cafe this morning after taking the kiddo to her swimming lesson and every time the door opened we nearly cried! It’s that bone-chilling, all encompassing windchill that manages to penetrate however many layers you have used to cover yourself.

Home is the best place to be on a day like this. Central heating cranked, shoes off and knitted socks on. The couch is piled with quilts to keep us warm if we decide to park in front of the TV for an hour or snuggle up with a good book. I’ve been baking chocolate cakes – one for us and one for Aaron to take tonight to share with the band in the school musical. The house smells beautiful.

And in the background, Aaron is composing a beautiful new piece on our daughter’s new piano and it perfectly completes the setting. Everything feels like it should feel on a day like this – warm, cosy and toasty. We know the cold wind is outside – we can hear it pound against our roof and rustle the branches on bare trees.  It’s where it should be. Outside and not the only thing we can focus on as it would if we were amongst it blowing against our cheeks, making our noses and eyes run and chilling us to the bone.

The times when I am content is when diabetes is in the best place it could be. I look after it, I attend to it when necessary and I never forget it’s there. It is what it should be – part of me but not all of me and certainly not a part of me that I ignore.

This Saturday, the cold wind and diabetes are being kept in there place. Just how I like it.