balthazar 2

The bar at Balthazar NYC

There is a restaurant in New York called Balthazar. It’s quite well-known and has been a favourite of ours when we’re in the Big Apple. Each trip has seen us eat a few meals there, pop by for a coffees and pastries, and visit with friends.  We love it because the food is great, the staff are attentive and, with its dark timber-panelled and mirrored walls, it makes us feel like we’re in an old Parisian brasserie. And because there are playing cards on the ceiling.


Scattered across the ornate plaster work, are a dozen or so cards. Some are face up, others face down. We noticed them on our first visit there and tried to work out how they got there.  The second time we ate there, we asked our waitress for the story behind the cards. ‘We had a party here quite a few years ago and a magician did a trick. And they stuck to the ceiling,’ she told us. Now we knew how they got there, but we weren’t too sure how they stayed there.  We knew the result, just not the secret to their sticking power.

There are days that diabetes just works. Numbers stay in target, boluses give exactly the right amount of insulin for consumed carbs and no alarms squeal warning of falling or rising BGLs.  Most times, I can’t work out why that happens; it just does. And I love it!

I’ve decided that on those days, I don’t try to analyse it. I sit back and watch the pretty flat line on my CGM and smile at yet another BGL check beginning with the number 6. I just accept the fact that I feel good and energetic and that coping with diabetes seems easy for a day or so.

The longer I’ve lived with diabetes the more I’ve come to realise that there are times that what we put in may not necessarily correlate with the results we’re getting. Sometimes, I need to throw my hands in the air and accept the day has gone to diabetes. Other days, I claim victory for doing nothing special. It’s the nature of the beast. Coming to accept that has been quite refreshing. Accept the result but know that sometimes I just can’t work out why.

This last weekend, the family went to a little French café in Fitzroy. We were enjoying our meals in the timber-lined room, with shelves filled with French wine and Champagne. All of a sudden, Aaron pointed to the ceiling. ‘Look!’ he said. There on the ceiling was a solitary playing card. We looked at each other in surprise and as soon as our waitress walked by asked her about it. ‘We had a party here a while ago’, she began. ‘And a magician did a trick. It’s been there for years.’ I knew that would be the answer she gave, but it still didn’t explain the magic. Sometimes, the method doesn’t matter. But the result is delightful.



Do you know the secret for getting playing cards to stick to the ceiling? I’m kinda torn between wanting to know and keeping the secret alive…..