I’ve been baking up a storm lately. It’s what I do when it’s cold outside. I love sweets but figure if I’m going to set my pump into overdrive, then whatever I am eating had better be bolus worthy!

I don’t ever use sweetener – it’s the real deal all the way for me! I’ve worked out that in most cases, the quantity of sugar listed in the ingredients list can be halved and the end product will still taste great. This is one of the fun things about baking and cooking in general. As you get more confident and learn how things work together, you can play with the ingredients to get the taste just as you like it!

If you feel like joining in, here are a few of my recent sweet treats and links to the recipes.



Does anything beat a homemade chocolate cake? This is one of the easiest, no-fail recipes you’ll find and it always results in a beautiful cake. Extra-special points for the fancy writing on top!



I always double the lemon quantity given in cake or slice recipes because I think it’s a crime if I don’t get a real hit of zesty-ness when I take that first bite! This recipe is brilliant and it’s no bake! The eight year-old kiddo made this pretty much on her own, so it’s a great one if you’re looking at getting kids cooking. I always feel like I’m getting my CWA on when I make this slice!



Bacon. Chocolate. Brownie. Were there ever three words that sounded better in a row? My baking hero, Nigella Lawson, came up with this recipe which includes a fudge-y brownie with salty, crispy bacon delights strewn throughout. The main problem with this recipe is stopping yourself from eating the candied bacon before you stir it through the brownie mix.



I have eaten more red velvet cupcakes than I care to admit. It’s my favourite cupcake flavour and I love tearing open the cake to reveal the seductive red colour. When we were in NYC over Winter, many afternoons were spent in Magnolia Bakery escaping the cold, enjoying a red velvet afternoon tea. Here’s their recipe. I’m warning you – they are addictive!

So, get baking! Then, put the kettle on and enjoy…Just don’t forget to bolus.