I’m all for diabetes awareness activities and the clever folks at the Diabetes Hands Foundation have found a way to not only get people talking about diabetes, but they’re also helping out people in need. Big ticks there, people!

This is the fourth year of the Big Blue Test, the proceeds of which have gone on to help over 10,000 people with diabetes. Each time you take part and log your results, a donation is made on your behalf to organisations helping people with diabetes.

Getting involved is easy as easy can be. Here is all you have to do:

  • Step 1 Check you blood glucose level. (If you don’t have diabetes, skip this step.)
  • Step 2 Get active! Do 14 – 20 minutes of activity. You can walk, run, clean the house, swim, dance…whatever floats your boat!
  • Step 3 Check your blood glucose again.
  • Step 4 Share your results on the right column of this page.

That’s it!  Even exercise-allergic little ol’ me will be getting into this one by getting creative and thinking about the things I already do that can be counted as exercise. 

So do it today – and tomorrow and the day after!  You’ve got until 14 November. And get your family and friends on it too. Why not take some time out of your lunch break at work and get your colleagues involved too? If you run a diabetes support group, how about getting everyone to take the Big Blue Test together. Go on – do it! It’s good karma.

Okay – I know that I spend a lot of time talking about language, and I never use the term ‘test’ when referring to checking my blood sugar levels. BUT – let’s not forget what this is about – raising funds for those in need – not judging numbers and results.