How are your New Year’s resolutions going? I read something the other day that most men who resolve to lose weight in the New Year have given away their diet by 2 January. Way to commit, guys!

The reason most of us fail when we make resolutions – at any time, not just New Year – is because we’re unrealistic about what we’re hoping to achieve. We grandly make claims that we will reinvent ourselves in ways that are simply destined to fail. We get disillusioned at the lack of progress or disappointed any time we fall by the wayside.  So, we give up.

Diabetes resolutions are no different. Promising to start being a ‘good diabetic’ (my eye is twitching right now!) and swearing to never have a BGL reading above 8mmol/l is noble in its vision, but downright impossible to attain. The first reading above 10mmol/l and the towel will be thrown. In.

Changes need to be small and goals achievable. Small rewards along the way acknowledging what we’ve accomplished help too.

My main diabetes goal for the start of the year is to get my basal rates sorted. I know that things aren’t great and haven’t been for some time. Despite having lost a significant amount of weight over twelve months ago, I haven’t done proper basal testing for a long time. I guesstimated some changes at the beginning of last year after some really nasty hypos and that kinda helped, but not so that I felt that things were really on the right track.  Despite knowing that reduced weight means reduced insulin requirements, I didn’t bother to work things out properly and faffed around by reducing bolus doses to compensate for too much basal insulin. Just ‘cause you know these things doesn’t necessarily mean you fix them. Apparently.

So, I’ll be starting with my morning basals and taking it from there. It’s frustrating and I really would prefer to be doing anything else, but I know that when my basal rates are tight, everything else diabetes-wise is that little bit easier.

Outside my diabetes life, I’ve decided that this year my goals include things that stretch me and push me out of my comfort zone. Last year, we visited Marrakech, which was so unlike anywhere we’d ever travelled previously. It was great. I loved it! I loved being in a country where each day I experienced something new and I was surprised around each corner. As much as I enjoy going to places where I know how things operate, it was so much fun working out a new place.


So with the desire of searching for something new to keep me busy – something that was a bit of a stretch – I found myself uttering the words ‘Yes, I think I would like a banjo ukulele’ while I was wandering around a music store in inner-Melbourne last week. It’s been years since I played any music, and rather than pick up my flute and start playing that again, I’m going to start something new. Why not?

The goal isn’t to be a virtuoso, it isn’t to play gigs. Hell, it isn’t even to be any good at it. The goal is to do something new and something fun.