There is a wonderful website I love called ‘Humans of New York’. It showcases the work of Brandan, a NYC-based photographer who tells the stories of people on the streets of New York and accompanies their words with gorgeous photos. I love it for a number of reasons. The stories are all beautiful and run the gamut from gloriously joyful to tragic and tear-inducing. Also – New York: what’s not to adore! There are ‘Humans of….’ blogs and projects from other cities too now – Melbourne has our own.

There’s an intimacy and openness to Brandon’s subjects as they share what’s on their mind at the moment he takes the photo, or tales of things that have happened in their lives.

I’ve always loved hearing people’s stories. I ask a lot of questions of people in an endeavour to get to know something that isn’t at the surface. Finding out what explains people – what makes them tick, get excited, saddens them – is a privilege and a joy.

Reading blogs gives the same insight and it also connects me to the writers. Diabetes blogs by others help me understand my own diabetes story better. And I blog in the hope that my stories do the same for others.

So – I’m starting something new.  Every now and then, I am going to ask one of my friends with diabetes to send me a photo and a sentence or two about their diabetes week or something about their life with diabetes. I haven’t got a catchy name for this yet, but suggestions are greatly appreciated.

If you’d like to participate, get in touch using the contact me button at the top of my blog.

So – for today, I’m asking Eliza to kick it off this new project.









Where was your last overseas holiday?

My last trip was to Japan. It was unbelievable. Having diabetes didn’t stop me tasting every food I could find or having a go at every slope on the mountain. The most tiring part was digging my skis up out of hip-deep powder every time I fell over.

Japan 2