I’m addicted to a new app on my iDevices. It’s called Fotoffiti and it’s probably best I don’t think about the time I’ve wasted spent on it since I uploaded it last week.

Cleverly, the app turns photos into stencil art – all Banksy-esque. For someone with my considerably lacking artistic talent, this is nothing short of brilliant! The kidlet has been having a great time using it too, with our cat being stencilled to within an inch of her nine-lives.

So, today, I give you the diabetes edition. Here are some of my everyday diabetes things all Blek-le-Rat-cool.


Also, here is a non-diabetes thing (to be printed and stretched onto a canvas for the kitchen):


And this is what I look like as a stencil:


Okay – I’m going to stop now….


Fotofitti can be downloaded from the iTunes store. But be prepared to lose hours of your time if you fork out the $0.99.