There is little that frustrates me more than wasting time. I’m not going to claim to be the busiest person in the world – everyone is busy these days and has much on their plates. But I am the scheduling Queen – it’s the only way I manage to hold down a job and a life. Most other people I know are in the same boat; I claim no superpowers here.

But when I have a day that is scheduled to fit in as much as possible, I am beyond frustrated to have walked into a medical appointment to be told nonchalantly that my doctor is running an hour behind. One hour. Sixty minutes. At my scheduled time, he is three patients behind.

So, personal responsibility – I should have called to see if there was a delay. But where is the responsibility of the doctor/admin team at the surgery? If a doctor is running three patients behind schedule, surely a text message or phone call to let me know wouldn’t be too difficult.

This is part of the attitude of medical professionals that I don’t understand. I get that I will need to wait – I factor that into the scheduling – but an hour is not okay. There is an arrogance that suggests their time is far more valuable than mine.

If I was running late to this appointment – even just a couple of minutes – I would have called the doctor’s rooms to let them know.

I don’t know of any other situation where there is an assumption that it will be okay for a person using a service of any kind to just have to wait.

I will let the doctor know that I think their system needs to be considered, and that whilst I understand that waiting in a waiting room (yep – they got the naming if this one right!) is to be expected, an hour long (actually, now looking to be an hour and fifteen minutes) showing some courtesy for the paying customer (yep – that’s what I am here) would be greatly appreciated.

I have now rejigged the rest of my day’s appointments so I don’t keep anyone waiting for me. Because that would be rude.

Okay – am I just being grumpy or do I had a valid point here? Has anyone found a solution to this? Others’ experiences greatly appreciated!