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Best laid plans

So after two recent posts about back up plans (one from me about why we should be offered latest technologies at diagnosis, provided we are taught the basics in case the tech fails, and one from Grumpy Pumper about the weight he gives back up plans and basic tech to ensure he’s never left high […]

Internet jumble #28

New year, new jumble. And lots of saved links from the last few weeks to share. #OzDOC 2.0 Did you know that after OzDOC had it’s ‘final’ tweetchat at the beginning of December last year, it’s had a reboot and is now continuing to go at a great rate. David Burren (AKA Bionic Wookiee) kicked […]

Complications and stigma: their inextricable link

Towards the end of last year, I wrote about some things happening online trying to encourage people to openly and freely speak about being diagnosed and living with diabetes-related complications. When conversations about diabetes complications are brought into the public domain, often two things happen. Firstly, people start to talk. That whole cornerstone of peer […]